Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update Nov 8-11 2013

Most of the fisherman this weekend targeted the mouth of the Choptank from Chesapeake Beach.  Just inside the mouth behind Sharps Island light house in the channel was the spot.  Most fish were over 30" and bigger.  Trolling plastics.  Some were chasing birds outside the Mouth of the Chop and casting to birds and breaking fish, smaller class in the 18" range.  Heard a few reports of migratory fish farther south Near Solomons Island with fish in the 40" range.  We have a cold front coming this week which will drop water temps.  Get out there and Hook'em Up!!  Be safe as always. Visit my website for more reports for the Bay, Ocean City and Delaware.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Striper Update November 6th

Over view of the middle bay area Courtesy of Keith Lockwood

In the middle bay region most fishermen have switched to trolling; a better grade of fish tends to be the reward and also the fish seem to be spread thin over a lot of territory. A lot of boats have been trolling along the shipping channel edges and places like the mouth of Eastern Bay and the False Channel with mixed success. Based on reports, it seems to be harder this week to find breaking fish to cast to or jig underneath. Surface water temperatures in the bay have dipped to the high 50’s this week so the shallow water fishery is about done and most Striped Bass are going to be found in deeper water. Fishermen are still finding some live Spot in the tidal rivers and live lining them along 30’ channel edges at places like Stone Rock, the False Channel or Thomas Point usually will pay off with Striped Bass over 18” in size.

Get out there and Hook'em up!!  Be safe as always.

Check my site for other report listings in Maryland OC and Delaware.