Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ocean City update fishing report

Since I was in Ocean City this week on vacation I thought I would post an OC report.  Courtesy of Oyster Bay and Tackle on 117th Street By Sue Foster

Fishing Report by Sue Foster

Some good flounder fishing this week in Ocean City. We got the pictures
to prove it! Kingfish and spot in the surf, along with big rays and sand
sharks.  Red Drum are still being caught up around the Fenwick Ditch
near the Bridge pilings along with some good sized croaker. Flounder
fishing is picking up offshore. Sea bass fishing is happening. Further
offshore we have tuna, wahoo, marlin, and dolphin. Crabbing and clamming
has been decent.
 The Bulkhead at 2nd thru 4th Street is a free fishing zone.  You can
fish here without a MD license but you still need to obtain a free
registry. We can do that for you at Oyster Bay Tackle or call
1-855-855-3906. Keeper flounder can be caught there if you are patient
and fish the slacking tides. When the tide is moving hard, fish
straight down. It's plenty deep! If you cast out during a hard running
tide, you will constantly get hung up!   Anglers can also catch little
sea bass, spot, croaker, bluefish, tautog, puppy drum and trigger fish.

The Ocean Pier is another place you can fish without a MD License. This
week the pier continued to have good catches of kingfish along with
croaker, spot, trout, puppy drum, snapper blues, flounder, sharks and
rays. You can catch anything on the pier that you can catch from the
surf. There were definitely lots of rays and sharks this week!

To get more info for Ocean City and Oyster Bay and Tackle visit