Saturday, July 3, 2010


Here are a few pics from Oyster Bay & Tackle in Ocean City MD.  Nice Stripers being caught in delaware and maryland surf 

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The Big Stripers are being caught, but the numbers this year arent as good as previous years, and they have arrived late this year.  You can fish Virginia waters a little later than Maryland this year.  Looking for big birds is the key this time of year, the bigger the birds the bigger the bait, hence bigger fish.  Gannets are a good sign of big migratory Stripers as well.  Remember the Bigger fish will usually be deeper and below the resident fish and are lazier and dont want to work as hard for there meal.  SLOW, SLOW trolling is the best way to catch them with big baits near the bottom.  The edges of the shipping channel west or east are the places to target.  Umbrella rigs, parachutes, tandem bucktails and ofcourse my favorite a #21 spoon with an inline sinker or heavy bucktail.  Vary your weights to cover the water column.  In the Mid Bay area from Bloody Point To Cedar Point:  The Hill, The mouth of Eastern Bay, Directly out front of Chesapeake Beach on down to Breezy point, The area of The false channel from bouy 78-cp bouy, Area of Cove pt, and onto Hoopers Island.  These are all areas that are being worked by Capts and Recreational guys alike.  My success has been the Chesapeake Beach area on down to breezy pt and the false channel.  This week hs been spotty on reports because of the wind, but a few capts and commercial guys are telling me the Big Cows are here you just have to put in the time.  Again cover the water column and ledges of the shipping channel.  monitor your weather and make sure your boat, safety equipment and all gear is in order and working.  This time of year can be deadly so be safe, and HOOK'EM UP!!