Saturday, March 29, 2014

Word on the Street Mid Bay 3/2014

Word on the street is netters are catching herring in the nets, which means the Stripers are here feeding on them.
A few anglers are already off the hard and splashing their boats to start pre troll scouting. 
Jigging at the Nuc Power Plant is producing some 40" fish.
April 19th is opening day for Stripers, hopefully they will be spawned out by then with no harm or interruption.

White perch have started their spawning run in the rivers

Looking forward to this spring season, be safe on the water...........Hook'em up

Friday, December 6, 2013

Striper Migration update 2013

Migration update courtesy of Striper Space

The fall striped bass migration goes in stages. Stripers are now showing up around the mouth of Delaware Bay and even further south. Because the water has been cold they seem to be staying out in deeper water as they head for the warmer waters off of the Virginia and North Carolina coasts.

According to Md DNR the best consistent catches of big stripers/migratory fish has been around the mouth of the Potomac and inside the river.  The big catches have been slow this year but if you put in the time it only takes one big slob to make the day.

Good luck out there, be safe and Hook'em up!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update Nov 8-11 2013

Most of the fisherman this weekend targeted the mouth of the Choptank from Chesapeake Beach.  Just inside the mouth behind Sharps Island light house in the channel was the spot.  Most fish were over 30" and bigger.  Trolling plastics.  Some were chasing birds outside the Mouth of the Chop and casting to birds and breaking fish, smaller class in the 18" range.  Heard a few reports of migratory fish farther south Near Solomons Island with fish in the 40" range.  We have a cold front coming this week which will drop water temps.  Get out there and Hook'em Up!!  Be safe as always. Visit my website for more reports for the Bay, Ocean City and Delaware.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Striper Update November 6th

Over view of the middle bay area Courtesy of Keith Lockwood

In the middle bay region most fishermen have switched to trolling; a better grade of fish tends to be the reward and also the fish seem to be spread thin over a lot of territory. A lot of boats have been trolling along the shipping channel edges and places like the mouth of Eastern Bay and the False Channel with mixed success. Based on reports, it seems to be harder this week to find breaking fish to cast to or jig underneath. Surface water temperatures in the bay have dipped to the high 50’s this week so the shallow water fishery is about done and most Striped Bass are going to be found in deeper water. Fishermen are still finding some live Spot in the tidal rivers and live lining them along 30’ channel edges at places like Stone Rock, the False Channel or Thomas Point usually will pay off with Striped Bass over 18” in size.

Get out there and Hook'em up!!  Be safe as always.

Check my site for other report listings in Maryland OC and Delaware. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quick spin on the Fall Striper Bite

Larger fish are schooling up and some reports of migratory fish are showing up as well.  Blue fish have pretty much headed south, so it should be safe to troll the plastics.  Jigging fish and open water has been producing some heavy fish as well.  Get out there and Hook'em up and be safe as always.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ocean City update fishing report

Since I was in Ocean City this week on vacation I thought I would post an OC report.  Courtesy of Oyster Bay and Tackle on 117th Street By Sue Foster

Fishing Report by Sue Foster

Some good flounder fishing this week in Ocean City. We got the pictures
to prove it! Kingfish and spot in the surf, along with big rays and sand
sharks.  Red Drum are still being caught up around the Fenwick Ditch
near the Bridge pilings along with some good sized croaker. Flounder
fishing is picking up offshore. Sea bass fishing is happening. Further
offshore we have tuna, wahoo, marlin, and dolphin. Crabbing and clamming
has been decent.
 The Bulkhead at 2nd thru 4th Street is a free fishing zone.  You can
fish here without a MD license but you still need to obtain a free
registry. We can do that for you at Oyster Bay Tackle or call
1-855-855-3906. Keeper flounder can be caught there if you are patient
and fish the slacking tides. When the tide is moving hard, fish
straight down. It's plenty deep! If you cast out during a hard running
tide, you will constantly get hung up!   Anglers can also catch little
sea bass, spot, croaker, bluefish, tautog, puppy drum and trigger fish.

The Ocean Pier is another place you can fish without a MD License. This
week the pier continued to have good catches of kingfish along with
croaker, spot, trout, puppy drum, snapper blues, flounder, sharks and
rays. You can catch anything on the pier that you can catch from the
surf. There were definitely lots of rays and sharks this week!

To get more info for Ocean City and Oyster Bay and Tackle visit

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fishing "Word on the Street"

Live lining for stripers has been good at poplar island on east side of bay, both north and south sides of island produce depending on tides and pressure.  out front of Chesapeake beach remains the area to get all the spot you need before heading over to poplar island.

Blue fish are here and are stealing the tails of the baits of line liners.  area of stone rock in 20-30 feet on east side of bay is a productive spot to troll using surgical tubes and Spanish mackerel lures. 

Spanish mackerel have been caught near Kilmarnock Va and hopefully will be showing here in MD soon.  Cant wait til they arrive every year as they are exciting to troll for.  #1 and #2 planers are usually what I run and 00 clark and drone spoons always produce.  depending on size of bait and silver sides try different sizes and speeds to see what produces best.

Good Luck be safe and HOOK'EM UP!!